Ernest Remy: Oxymore Vintage Champagne (’08)

On a recent evening dressed in crisped suits with expertly executed bowtie charm, the Wine for Sophisticated Homies sipped upon a dazzler made by the Ernest Remy Grand Cru Champagne House.  Their Oxymore 2008 Vintage Champagne is a Cuvée we felt was worthy of discussion.  What follows are the feelings we were left with. 

There is a clearly evident prestidigitation being performed by the nimble-fingered winemaker at Ernest Remy. 

In their presentation of Oxymore, they claim to bring the collision of wine and art into being in bottle form.  One can hardly argue after seeing the magnificent wreckage of delicate flavor entered into evidence upon each new touch of the glass to the lips. 

I should like to tell you that this wine deserves to be drunk from a vintage champagne coupe by a women in a subtly revealing Evening gown.  Complexity like collarbones, winding and arched. 

A Quidditch Snitch Golden hue envelopes the glass as dried apricot and perfumed honey coat the praline finish.  This is cheese plate accoutrement in a glass, delivering tiny snake bites of popping pleasure to the tip of the tongue as it shows the quality of it’s age even now, though it could be kept much longer in order to reveal itself as an even more illustrious product in its mid 20’s.   Glorious orchard fruits and dried varieties show deference to the brioche-nut-bread of this Godspell of a wine.  Prepare to be enraptured.  Dress appropriately for the occasion. 

15 out of 17 Top Hats.