Jason Booth

Who is Jason Booth?  I am.  What?  That’s right.  But aren’t bio’s supposed to written in third person?  Maybe, but who’s to say this one isn’t?  When Jason isn’t writing confusingly-hard-to-follow narrative points of view, I’m the creator and CEO of Wine For Sophisticated Homies.  Raised upon the sprawling vistas of the High Desert, Jason cut his teeth on the comedy stages of the west coast in his early adulthood, before entering into the hallowed halls of wine service.  While engaging heavily in vino education, he continued to bring laughter to the hearts and minds of California’s toughest humor critics, earning numerous verbal compliments along the way.  When Jason isn’t writing witty pieces for the Wine for Sophisticated Homies’website or constructing podcast outlines for the long haul truckers of the world, he’s performing with Improv Shmimprov, a short-form, improv comedy team so hipster and cool, you probably haven’t even heard of them.  Jason got into wine to impress girls and he stuck with wine after realizing that no matter how many girls rejected him, wine never would.   Jason is a sommelier, comedian, loving husband, proud dog-owner, and my best friend.  How is that possible, you ask?  Because I am him…and you should always love yourself.