Ben Draper

Don’t call Ben a sidekick.  If Jason is the CEO, Ben is Chairman of the Board…or uh…Master and Commander.  Captain Lieutenant…yeah, that’s it.  Captain Lieutenant.   Hailing from Bakersfield, Ben was born into Culture and Culture became him.  He signed on for Jason’s wacky podcast idea back in 2013 and had soon established himself as the reason people tuned in.  Jason might be the meat, but Ben is the sauce, and the pickles, and the cheese.  Ben is most definitely the cheese.  With his own experience in the comedy scene, Ben adds a slightly different perspective on the wine and cocktail world, having worked in almost every position a restaurant has to offer.   When he’s not podcasting with Wine For Sophisticated Homies or managing his Newport Beach bar, Ben is traveling the globe and working grape harvests.  You can find him acting as the life of the party, breaking hearts from coast to coast, and responsibly calling for an Uber at the end of the night.  Moms love him, and so should you, but if you don’t, would you at least tell your Mom about him?